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Clear Creek Trail

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Wheat Ridge Clear Creek Trail Map


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Clear Creek is the centerpiece of the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt stretching for approximately 7 miles through 300 acres of open space. Clear Creek Trail in Wheat Ridge begins west of Youngfield Street and ends at Harlan Street. This section of the Clear Creek Trail and Greenbelt are managed by the City's Parks, Forestry and Open Space Division.


 Gold Panning

Recreational gold panning is allowed in Clear Creek only at the Arapahoe Bar area located on the north side of Clear Creek Trail, approximately 1/4-mile west of Youngfield Street and I-70, south of Highway 58. To access the area:

  • Park at the Youngfield Trailhead Parking Lot at 4100 Youngfield St. and walk west on the Clear Creek Trail

Clear Creek Trail Map Portion

 Gold Panning Rules

  • Battery equipment is allowed , but battery must be contained in a battery box.
  • No digging allowed on the south side of the creek.
  • No form of gold panning is allowed in Clear Creek east of Youngfield Street in the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt.
  • No gas powered equipment allowed .
  • Prospecting activities, including panning and sluicing are permitted within the creek bed only.
  • Prospecting is allowed on the north side of the creek on non-vegetative areas provided all holes are filled. No digging around trees or under vegetation. Vertical digging only.

All other City of Wheat Ridge Park Rules apply.


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