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Anderson Building


  1. Classroom ($35.00 Add-on)
  2. Gym (Basketball / Volleyball Courts) ($45.00 Add-on)
  3. Lobby / Seating Area
  4. Men's Locker Room
  5. Private Locker Rooms
  6. Women's Locker Room


In 1972, the Anderson Building was constructed by the Wheat Ridge Volunteer Fire Department. The prefabricated metal building served as the City's offices, council chambers and recreation center. In 1979, the first outdoor pool was constructed and connected to the Anderson Building with a lobby that serves both facilities.
Renovation Project Funded by 2E
In November 2016, Wheat Ridge voters approved a 1/2 cent sales tax increase in order to fund four investment projects. The renovation of the Anderson Building and Park was the first of those projects to be completed. The Anderson Building reopened in June 2019 with the following renovations:
  • Improvements made to the front entrance and lobby with the addition of a new front desk
  • New classroom for recreation programs, meetings and birthday parties
  • Updated fitness room with the addition of new fitness classes
  • Renovated gym with new floor, lighting, paint and the addition of windows
  • Renovated restrooms on the lower level
  • New seating area in lower lobby
  • Brand new men's and women's lockers rooms plus the addition of two new private locker rooms on the pool side
  • Exterior improvements including new roof, paint, sidewalks, parking lot, vehicle circulation, and more

See Anderson Building rental guidelines here (PDF).