Tree Service Contractors

Licensed Tree Care

Anyone performing tree care services including pruning and removal, must meet requirements set by City code and be licensed through the City. The licensing program and requirements were established to provide residents with options for professional tree care services, and to protect the trees within the urban forest from substandard practices.

View a current list of Licensed Tree Care Companies (PDF)

Interested in becoming a licensed contractor?

In order to ensure a safe and secure environment for our customers, staff, and community, visitors to the Parks, Forestry & Open Space Office must make an appointment in advance for in-person submissions of applications. Please call (303) 205-7552 or email to make an appointment.

View and complete the Arborist License Information and Application Packet (PDF)
(Please use Adobe Acrobat to open, complete, save and return the PDF application. It's important ALL fields are filled out completely before submitting.)

All licensed contractors must also have a business license to perform work on trees in the City. If you need to complete this step, please fill out the Business & Tax License Application (PDF) and submit to Licensing at City Hall. More information about the Business License and it's process can be found here.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Megan Schmitz at