Day Trips

Discover and experience Colorado's awesome attractions!

Our day trips are the perfect opportunity for 50+ adults to explore Colorado and make new friends without the hassle of having to drive! 

Upcoming Trips

Trips and destinations vary depending on the month:

  • Performances–concerts, theater, dance
  • Educational-museums, exhibits, tours
  • Events–festivals, teas, sports, happy hour
  • Unique Colorado attractions
  • Natural areas

See September 2022 trip offerings here

Trip offerings are published each month in the Active Adult Center email newsletter and online. 

Ask the front desk to receive the email newsletter, or sign up online at

Trip registration opens each month for trips scheduled in the following month:

 2nd Thu - Resident  |  2nd Fri - Non-residents

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  1. Christine Leahy

    50+ Trip & Outdoor Rec Coordinator

Choose trips that match your ability

Trip rating and description conveys the level of physical activity involved. Trips will have ratings listed on our online registration website and in print materials. Please be sure to read the trip rating and choose trips that match your ability accordingly. 

General Trip Ratings:

  • EASY – Mostly sitting; accessible venue 
  • LIGHT – Self-paced walking on even surfaces; accessible venue
  • MODERATE – Walking on varied surfaces/possible stairs; pace may be determined by guide
  • ACTIVE – Lots of walking; brisk pace; stairs or venue not accessible; elevation over 9,000’

Outdoor recreation ratings are separate. See outdoor rec ratings here

Important Notes:

  • All trips require ability to get on/off van independently using grab bars and 3 steps. If you are unable to do this, you do have the option of having a personal aide register and provide direct support during the trip. 
  • Any trip with elevation of 9,000’ boosts rating to moderate or active depending on level of walking/activity needed. So a LIGHT trip at elevation is a moderate trip.
  • Venue accessibility is different for every trip. Be sure to read trip description thoroughly. 


Trip registration opens each month for trips scheduled in the following month. Resident registration opens on the 2nd Thursday of the month and non-resident registration opens on the 2nd Friday of every month. 

Register online or by calling 303-205-7500.


Transportation via our passenger vans is included! 

We are often seeking volunteer drivers for our trips! If this is something that interests you, please reach out to Christine at 

Know Before You Go

Click here to learn about trip etiquette and expectations. Knowing what to expect supports the group to enjoy positively memorable trips. 

Wondering how weather may affect your trip? Call the trip hotline at 303-235-2842